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Christmas wishes [01 Nov 2010|08:05am]
Composing a Christmas wish list I am...

clothing - specific items I've seen aboutCollapse )

more clothing stuffs, generalized version - also gift cardsCollapse )

lolita clothing infosCollapse )

dolliesCollapse )

Bah, I can't think of anything else right now! I'll update this if I think of something else
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sale post! [26 Jan 2010|03:01am]
Still in sample mode it is~ I'll be posting these items at as many places as I can~

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Fire! [10 Jul 2009|02:20am]
[ mood | pensive ]

Sooo.... I was at work earlier, and when we looked outside, we noticed huge billows of black smoke in the not too distance, and the sound of fire trucks on their way. About 15 minutes later, Brian sent me a text and said it was down the block from our house o__o He said it was a huge fire that consumed an entire garage and part of a tree that was nearby. The most maddening part about it, was that it was caused by some idiotic little kid. This child is known in our neighborhood for being trouble. He's often out after curfew (and has been brought home by police many times) and is known for stealing. One of the other neighborhood boys said he saw him lighting rags on fire and throwing them around in the alley. Amazingly enough, it was his parent's garage that he caught fire to...

But... it still angers me. That the parents of this kid have so little control over him that he does shit like this. He's not even that old! Brian says he's about 7. That's WAY too young to be doing this sort of stuff! I... I just can't believe parents would be so negligent...


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[18 Dec 2007|08:05pm]
Not too much going on today... Typical Tuesday really. I mailed out a couple of packages this morning. It came pretty close to what I was guessing it to be. Almost sucks, just cause I don't always account for shipping when I plan my budget for the week. And for sales, especially if the person uses paypal, I never actually see any of the money that I get, so the shipping charges that they gave me just goes into my spending fund... Maybe I should rethink how I do this...

Not too long ago, I joined an EGL community. Several people have posted clothing for sale, and it always tempts me so ;__; I just... really don't have the money for it x__x I wish I did, but it's sort of a dolls or clothing thing... Although I think I might try to curb my dolly habit and get a few outfits~ I don't mind used, especially if it means it'll be cheaper over all, but I'd really like to have something that's made specifically for that look instead of combining my own items. I usually like how things turn out for me, but at the same time, it's not as nice as some of the outfits I've seen other people wear, and I think it shows. Or maybe I'm imagining things, you never know.

I'm planning on going up to mom's place tonight, to eat dinner mostly. I'm broke, and since Michelle changed the food policy at work, I haven't been able to eat there as much. But in a sense, that's ok. Mom likes it when I come over to eat dinner with her, and she usually has extra food, and it's really healthier for me that way. I just usually feel bad about taking her food x__x Plus, Brian doesn't usually like the type of food that she cooks. It's not that he doesn't like thai food, it's more that he doesn't like seafood, and mom LOVES fish. I'd have to say that 80% of the time that I go up there, we have fish, and it's usually salmon. I don't mind, cause I love fish too, but it always leaves Brian to fend for himself when it comes to dinner. I think that maybe I should go grocery shopping and get some easy meals to cook for him. He likes that kind of stuff, and although I think it's ok and will eat it sometimes, I'd really much rather just have some fish and rice. Or even just some rice >_> There really is nothing I like better than white rice with a little bit of meat or vegitable. Mom's and my current fav veggie are the sugar snap peas ;___; Tossed with a little oil, soy sauce, and sesame seads and served over rice~ Num!

Anyways, I'm gonna go get ready to head up to her place. I have some things I need to bring with me~ I still haven't finished Ashi's Christmas outfit x__X I'm starting to think I won't bother finishing it and just calling it done the way it is. I'm sort of tired of making it.... Plus I have a commission to do. TrueFan said she'd trade me some eyechips and cards if I made some bloomers for her girls. Doesn't sound too hard, especially compared to the recent things I've been doing~ So I'd really like to get a move on that.

*guh, change of plan, Brian just pulled up and we're headed over to his parents!*
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[17 Dec 2007|04:55pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I really meant to post this weekend, I just never seemed to have enough time to sit down and type something ;___;

Anyways, I was at Target with mom the other day. Can you believe they've already got some Valentine's stuff out? Granted it's only in the dollar section, not in holiday yet, but STILL!! crazy.... Despite my feeling about it, I still picked up a few of the items ^^; Some wrapping paper, and some treat baggies. They might be for Valentine's, but I think they can work anytime~ The baggies are just red with an elegant design on them in goldish colors, and the wrapping paper was red with white dots. I might even use some of the red and white dot paper to wrap Christmas gifts~ I've been using red and white paper, so it might work~ Also, I saw that they had the Glamm doll accessory packs on clearance :o I picked up one of each, even though I already had the pack with the boots. I stuck some of the duplicate socks in a gift exchange box I'm doing over on Dolly Market, and the boots I want to repaint, as I really do love these boots! The heels fit type 1s really great, and I'm pretty sure the boots will too, although I may have to slice them down a little further. *wonders what color she should paint them* I think I might go back a little later and pick up a few more, although I'm pretty tight on cash right now x__x I've only got about $25 and I still have several boxes I need to ship out. I haven't weighed them yet, but it might end up costing pretty close to $20...

In other, doll related news, I finally decided to change out Ashi's body. I've been really wanting her on an Obitsu SB2 for a while, except that I wasn't entirely sure I really liked the SB2s... They have the large bust I wanted for her, but I wasn't terribly fond of the sculpt, but then, I have yet to see one in person. The other option I was toying around with for a while was switching her to a type 1 body. I was chatting with some people over on Requiemart, and was sort of talked into it ^^; But it's cool, cause I actually really like the type 1 bodies. Sometimes I feel like they just don't get enough love~ I love the busty-ness of them, and the sculpt in general. They look more... womanly. Nice and shapely. And I really don't mind the screws showing. After finally deciding to change Ashi to it, I did and I just LOVE it! It's just so perfect for her~ Even Brian said so ^__^ The greatest thing, is that most of her old clothing still fits, and fits better! Although there were a few tops that I had to pull out cause they no longer fit, they had barely fit when she was on the type 3. That's ok though, I'm sure I'll find replacements for them~ The biggest suck factor is that she doesn't fit in as many shoes ;__; The really nice thing about the type 3s is that they had tiny Barbie sized feet. And although the type 1 feet look more proportionate, I don't really have a whole lot of shoes that fit x__x I do have a few though, and I got a pair of boots not too long ago that fit perfect. And they're some pretty rockin boots! Definitely my fav, so I guess as long as those fit Ashi, it's not all bad. I just need to find her a couple pairs of mary janes~

My back really really hurts today x__x It's bugging the crap out of me. I have this great desire to just take my bra off, but I can't cause I still have to go out with mom. I'm still in Weight Watchers, although you wouldn't be able to tell since I haven't been to a meeting in almost a month x__x Brian's been giving me shit, but it just couldn't be helped... I didn't go for two weeks cause Apollo was home and mom didn't want to take time away from spending it with him (and I didn't have much gas plus I promised mom I'd spend time with them as well) and then last week I didn't go cause I had to work. I normally have Mondays off, but Becky asked me to work, and I found it hard to say no when she had just worked a whole week straight cause I had taken off. And Monday is really the only day I have available to go ;__; All other days I either work, or I have other obligations. Wednesday is choir, and Saturday I work up at Peter's with mom and we don't usually get home to early evening and I typically hang out with her for the rest of the day, and all other nights I work ^^; Same thing every week~

Mom should be here soon to pick me up, and I think I'm gonna lie down until she shows up... I really do hurt x__x

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[14 Dec 2007|01:29am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Instead of cleaning today like I should have been, I've been slacking off all day ^^; I worked, but very little else. Between shifts, I pretty much did nothing. Talked to mom on the phone a bit, played some of my new game, checked my mail, updated this thing, repeat most of it, then I took the time to locate where the hell I put my dolls (answer was in the trunk, still) and where the hell my sewing case went (answer was by the display case, under a pile of figurines that were destined to go IN the display case but never did ^^; ) and then I thought I'd bring Haute to work, but she wasn't dressed and I no longer had time to dress her before having to leave ^^; She's a little more dressed now, but not by much and not at all matching! I'll have to change what she's wearing.

After work though, I started on a mini sewing project. While examining Uncanricky's stock outfit, I decided that her top is cool, but it'd be even cooler if it were two tops like how it looks! For those of you unfamiliar with her stock outfit, she looks like she's wearing a plaid bodice/tank top, and then over it is a white strapless bodice, and over that is a plaid belt, and around her neck is a collar that matches the white bodice with a little black and white tie. All these items LOOK like separate pieces, but in reality are held together by bits of thread and velcro. I realize now that I should have taken a pic of this before I started, but alas, I did not. Maybe I can swipe a pic from someone else though to show you all~

Anyways, it all started simple enough. I detached the collar/tie from the bodice. Easy enough, it was only held on by a piece of thread. Then I took a closer look at the two separate tops. They were obviously made separate, then sewn together afterwards, although they share a seam on the ends where the velcro for the back comes together. The easiest way to separate them would be to cut them apart, but then one of the tops might be useless depending on how bad the cut was, and there would be remnants from the removed top on the other (that probably didn't make a lick of sense, and I apologize for that x__x) The more professional, although more difficult, way of separating them would be to cut out the stitching, then redo the seams on each piece. I opted for the latter, since I really do like both tops.

Taking out the stitching took a lot longer than I had anticipated, but it went smoothly. After that, I redid the seam on the plaid bodice, and then reattached the velcro to the white bodice. I still have to attach velcro to the plaid bodice, as I haven't yet, but I got tired of working on it all and decided to leave that till tomorrow. Oh yeah, I also sort of redid the end seams on the belt. It was only sort of effective, cause the fabric kept fraying on one of the ends x__x It looks ok, but not great, and I haven't decided how I'm going to make it attachable. It's not an actual working belt, so it needs a fasten of some sort. I could do velcro like the other removed pieces use, or I could use a button. Haven't decided which will be better yet~

Aside from that, I'm trying to arrange a trade with Megan to get the pieces of Uncanricky's stock that I'm missing. She doesn't seem inclined to let go of the skirt, although I can't blame her. If I had something to replace it in her mind, she says she'd trade, but alas I don't x__x If I did, I might not want it as bad as I do... She did agree to a trade for the hat though~ So at least I'll have that~ If I still had an extra Rida skirt, she might go for that for the entire skirt ensemble, but alas I sold my second Rida skirt quite a while back ^^; Ah well. I'm sure I'll figure something out~

I think I'm gonna dress my Haute, then go to bed~ Brian is probably already half asleep, and I think all the cats went to bed with him~

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[13 Dec 2007|04:03pm]
Last night Brian and I went to Wal-mart in search of a new carrying tote for my dolls. I at least wanted another one like the one I have currently, hopefully one that's just a little longer so I don't have to bend the legs on my guys as they're a little taller than my girls. The quest failed horribly, but we decided that so long as we were out there, we'd take a look at all the other fun items, toys and holiday stuffs and whatnot.

Anyways, in the holiday section, we discovered Bible action figures! They're such scary little things, but we were laughing our asses off at them! They're about the size of your normal 12" fashion doll, although they look more like GI Joes. All the guys have huge biceps and hard man tits and *to quote Brian* Kung-fu action grip! They had a couple of women too, Mary and Esther I noticed, although it took a few minutes for us to determine that Esther really was female cause she has a really manly face going on there ;___; After much thought about the matter (apparently) Brian told me this afternoon that he wants to go get a few, or at least Jesus. He has this silly idea of taking pics of him with some of my 1/6 scale guns. I have to admit, it does sound sort of silly XP

In other news, I looked at my choir schedule yesterday since Brian really wants to do a holiday party again this year, and really wants it to be on a Wednesday. I have practice every week un till Christmas. The 26th I don't though, so we're planning on having the party then. I haven't yet decided what I want to cook, or even how complicated I want to make it. Part of it will depend on how many people we plan on having show up. I know Ashley really wants to come, and I'm going to let her know the date tonight, which means that Cassie will probably invite herself as well (which is ok, Brian and I already talked it over). We'd also really like for Fox and Julio to come as well, and maybe Kiwi and whoever else wants to come~ So, if for some reason, you're available on the 26th and might want to come over and dine with us, just call me ^__^ There's limited space in the living room, but I'll do my best to have it all cleared up and ready for maximum fillage, or something like that. If we end up with a lot of people, the cats might not come into the living room much. I think they're scared of large crowds ^^; At least, I'm pretty sure Meg and Terra are (especially Meg, she'll hide in the bedroom all night). I don't know about Matsuri. She's such an attention hog, she might enjoy so many people being around.
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[12 Dec 2007|06:08pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Eeee!! I just got NY Haute ^__^ I told mom that I didn't have to open her, since she's supposed to be a Christmas present, but she told me to open her anyways~ She's sooo pretty~ Not quite as pretty as I was hoping from her promo pics (I was sort of thinking her lips would be a bit darker) but she's still super cute~ I don't know if I like her stock as much as I had thought I would... Her little pink g-string is cute, and I do like her camo skirt and the stripped leggings, and I even like her little grey duster, but it all looks so.... unfinished. Of all the stock outfits I own, this one looks the most haphazardly made -__- Her skirt has unfinished edges that are starting to fray, as does her dress. Her jacket and duster look ok, as do the leggings, although they're a little tight up top (maybe it's just so they stay on better?), and her little sweatter says Mats instead of Mets :lol: That's ok though, just silly. Her boots are cute, I think they look sort of like Rovam's, and her little gold shoes are adorable! Although they look way too large on her x__x I haven't yet decided if I like her dog though... If I ultimately decide I don't, I'll probably give it to Bex, since she expressed a desire to own it. And her little bags and glasses are all super cute ^__^ Her hair looks terrible though! It seriously needs to be combed, but I don't have a comb with me since I'm at moms ^^;

Aside from that, I'm still really happy to have her ^__^ She really is adorable, and I'm pretty sure I'll find a home for her in my little family~ Probably as Izzy's girlfriend~ I think it's about time that she got over Yumi and found herself a new girl~

Umm, I had the distinct feeling that I had something else to update this with... but now I don't remember what ^^;

Ooo~ I got an e-mail a little earlier confirming my table at Anime Detour ^__^ *excites* I need to make some stuff so I have something to sell! This'll be my first year that I have a table there~ I think I'm going to do largely art related stuff, stickers and maybe I'll prepare some prints if I have time. Plus my normal collars~ I need to find some better rings for it though. I'd really like to find some triangle rings, I think those would work the best at the ends. Not to mention I need to make up some samples. I think I'll try to prepare a bit of jewelry for this as well, although I haven't a clue as to what just yet. It's coming up pretty fast, so I'd best get off my bum and get something done!

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[12 Dec 2007|02:38pm]
Apollo got me a DS lite for Christmas... as well as the new DK game (jungle climber I think it was). I... I keep wanting to play it ;___; I'm like that with games though... I'll play it almost non stop either until I beat it, or I get so helplessly stuck that I just give up >_> Although that's more likely to happen with RPGs rather than platforms.

Anyways, someone posted on Dolly Market yesterday selling a whole mess load of her dollies. I missed Chill again x__x Which really sort of sucks, cause I really want another one! Although she did have Aquel, who I also really want another one of. I'll just be customizing her, but she's got the perfect colored eyes for it~ Plus I was going to do a split for one a while back but then Shana closed herself for splits and I told the girl I was gonna split with that I'd sell her my stock, and afterwords I realized that Shana was completely sold out of Aquel! *cries* Not that I used her stock a whole lot, but a fair amount and I LIKED it! I'm hoping to get a little extra Christmas cash to spend on her~

Aside from that, today's project is going to be cleaning~ I should really do laundry as well, but I do so hate doing laundry during the winter ;___; I have to walk around the building in order to get to the laundry room... I think I might just focus on cleaning the living room for now, then pack up a bunch of the clothes and go over to mom's place tonight and do laundry over there. It's a bit of a pain to lug all the laundry over there, but it's easier than walking around the building 8 times.

I think I might ask Brian to take me to Target or something later. I want to get a few more boxes to keep my dolls in. I have two that I've been using. One of them I have dedicated to my 4 favorite girls, Ashi, Izzy, Momoko, and Ichigo. They barely all fit in there, and if Ichigo wasn't a dal, they wouldn't at all. My second one I had planned for Yumi, Ulrich, and Raven, but the namus don't fit in there quite as well, since they're a little taller. And the taeyangs are even taller x__x I think I might have to bring Dagny with me to the store to see which one he'll fit in well, and I'll probably just have to keep all the boys in the same box for now.

I sent off payment for my new Hello Kitty dolly~ I'm rather excited~ Although I doubt that she'll arrive before Christmas. Not that it matters too much, since I'll probably just be carrying around Ashi on Christmas day. Speaking of which, I have to get a move on and finish her Christmas outfit! The main part of the dress is done, I just need to make sleeves or something (cause it looks so very uneven right now!) as well as a headdress of some sort. I was thinking of doing a large bow for her head, lined with the same lace I used on her dress, but I'm undecided on how exactly I should do it... Something to think about I guess.

The cats are playing with the tree >_> They haven't tried climbing it yet, although I wouldn't put it past them. Last year Matsuri climbed the tree several times until Brian finally shot her with the pellet gun. I think she still did from time to time after that though. It doesn't matter as much this year though, since we don't actually have any ornaments on it. Brian went nuts with the lights, and he's got some pretty fancy lights, so I told him that we could just fore go the ornaments completely (although I was sort of joking) and he said that sounded great x__x Oh well. I might add a bit of garland later, but probably something silver or clear so that it would reflect the light better.
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[11 Dec 2007|04:22pm]
Once again, I have it in my head that I'm going to update this thing regularly, starting today.

Anyways, Apollo was home for the past couple of weeks. Twas a nice time, spending the week with him~ I had to have gained like 10 pounds though x__x Mom's answer for anything seems to be food, and yet she always complains about how much she weighs... (for those of you who don't know her, she weighs nothing and thinks she's fat x__x) We didn't really do much of anything. We ate, mom cooked a lot, we went out a lot, we shopped some, and we had a mini Christmas gift exchange before he left. But over all it was really nice~

I think Apollo spent way too much money on all of us x__x I feel rather bad. Brian really wanted a 360, so Apollo got him one for Christmas/his birthday. He got me a new DS lite (which I really did want, although I was hoping more for a doll ^^; ) as well as a game and a carrying case. The case was technically from Brian, but I suspect that Apollo paid for it, as well as whatever else it was that he got me... I don't know what it is, but he says it's something I really want and cost more than a doll anyways. *totally beyond me* He ended up not getting Mom anything, although he loaned her a couple thousand so she could pay off some of her credit card debts. She was so upset about it, just the thought that she had to ask her son to help her out financially. She was just bawling last Wednesday when he said he'd loan her the money.

Aside from that, not too much has been happening. I got lots more dolls than the last time I posted here~ I shall post some pics of them later if I remember. I bought Uncanricky from someone on Dolly Market a while back, and never got her x__x Finally I had to ask Rya to open a dispute with paypal, and the doll arrived yesterday. She's really pretty, although I don't know what wig I'll have on her... She came with her stock wig, as well as a different wig. It looks like a stock JP wig, although I'm not sure who's It might be Paja's, it's long and light blond, but it's really frizzy and ratty looking and is sort of damaged x__x Someone on pullip_sales is looking for a trade for a Venus scalp, so I'm thinking I might get that one for her. Although I sort of wish I could just buy it rather than trade a blank scalp for it... Ah well. I have enough scalps for all my dolls, so it shouldn't matter too much~

I also just got Hello Kitty pullip ^__^ It rather excites me as I got her for a good deal~ I bought her stock from someone else a while back for $35 plus $5 shipping, and then this girl said she'd sell me the doll for $50 plus $10 shipping~ *excites* that's a hella deal for her~ I haven't yet decided if I want to rewig her or not. She looks rather cute with her blond curls, but I'm horrible at keeping wigs in pristine condition, and I know that curly wigs can be a pain x__x I might see if I can tame the second wig that Uncanricky came with and possibly use that for her, then the two of them can be sisters! I wonder what I should name them though...

Anyways, it's just about time for me to go off to work~ *runs off*
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[10 Apr 2007|04:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Oh!! I just made the most awesome purchase! I stopped at the Goodwill earlier and they had a Barbie Doll house! And not one of those crappy little plastic ones, a HUGE one made out of plywood and shit! And it was $40 ^_^ For a doll house, or even a bookshelf, this size, that's a steal~ I'm so happy ^_^ Now I just gotta paint it~

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[07 Apr 2007|03:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

blech... I really gotta keep this up x__x

insert mini doll rant hereCollapse )

Umm... other news... I went dancing last night ^_^
It was so much fun! Usually when I go it's just me, mom, and Jenny, although we sometimes drag Kiwi with us. Kiwi doesn't really like dancing, and Jenny is kinda shy, so it often times ends up just being me and mom dancing. Mom's so cute when she dances~ She dances fine on her own, but I don't really like dancing alone x__x Last night though~ I met a girl on PullipStyle who lives in St. Paul (Bex). I asked if she'd want to go with us, and she said yes ^_^ She also brought a friend with her~ (Janelle) I also got one of Brian's coworkers to go with us, Julio, and he brought a friend of his named Ricardo. Janelle proved to be more of a dancer than anyone else, and between the two of us, we got Bex and Jenny to dance too~ It took a little more time, but Kiwi started dancing with us too :o With really surprised me~ Although I suspect he just had a thing for Janelle and wanted to get closer to her XD Julio and Ricardo wandered off for a while, but we eventually got them to dance with us too~ It was great being with a group of people who were all dancing X3 Julio danced with Mom all night, Kiwi switched between me and Janelle. Janelle danced with everyone XD She seemed to like going down on her knees a lot XD Jenny tried dancing with me most of the night, later she said it was because she though Ricardo was getting too close to her ^^; Bex actually had the same complaint ;__; That and some French guy was apparently following her around. I missed it, but noticed shew as gone for a while and Jenny and I found her and Janelle in the bathroom ^^;

Afterwards we went to Perkins. At first we were thinking Whiteys, but Janelle really hates it and Bex said she didn't care for the afterwards indigestion ^^; So Perkins it was~ Julio and Ricardo didn't join us though, they said they were tired and left ^^; I suppose it didn't really matter too much though~ Bex said that she was a little creeped out by Ricardo ^^; Bex and Janelle left from Perkins, and mom dropped the rest of us off at my place and went home. Jenny and I were originally gonna play a round of Mario Party, but we were pretty tired, so we just called it a night, she went home, I went to sleep, and Kiwi crashed on the couch~

Overall I thought it was a great night~ I had lots of fun and was really glad that everyone danced~ I really wish Brian would come every so often ^^; I know he doesn't like the scene, but I really wish I could dance with him~ He said maybe next time, but I don't think he'll like it any better then ^^;

I'm gonna run off now~ Update my sales post on PS and get ready for Church tonight~

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[14 Nov 2006|07:28pm]
Gah ;____; Christmas is coming.... and although I don't really expect to get ANYTHING on this list, I'm gonna make it just so I know what it is I want...

dollsCollapse )
art related stuffsCollapse )
Everything elseCollapse )

I'll update this as I see fit.... I'll probably just make it a working list of things I want ^^; More for my reference than anything >_>

EDIT: Ooowah~~ Brian is buying the mini Lan-Ai and Lan-Ake dolls for me for Christmas ^^ *rolls around in happieness*
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[17 Oct 2006|01:37am]
Blah! Remember how I said everything kept moving around me? It hasn't stopped x___x

Umm.... First off, Apollo isn't going to Korea after all. Mom freaked out on him so he told the guy that he didn't wanna go. Or something like that. I think he was kind of disappointed by it. Instead, he's being transfered to a base in Kansas or something. I forget Which state really... and I kinda think it wasn't Kansas, but I do remember it's south of here.

Next, I was let go from the Country Club.... It kinda upsets me. Beforehand, I was looking forward to having some extra spending money because I had two jobs again, but now I'm just trying to get enough hours at Angelo's to make a living. I think I'd like to stay there. Truth be told, I'd really like to start a family, and I know that the work at Angelo's is easy enough that I could work there while I'm pregnant no problem. Maybe you all think I'm crazy to wanna be a mom, but I do. I don't even know how to explain it. Everyone keeps saying that Brian and I should wait a couple years into our marriage before we do this, but honestly, since we've been living together for almost three years, I almost feel like we've been married that long and that we're ready. Maybe I'm wrong... but I don't really think so. Wow... that really kinda got off topic there...

Umm... Some less serious news, I went to the Evanescence concert the other night ^^ It was great, I had lots of fun~ It was my first time at a rock concert, so it was quite the experience. Marty and Annie had told me what the pit is typically like, but I had decided that I wanted to get close to the stage, so stayed down there anyways. The opening band, Revelation Theory, was great, I really liked them a lot and bought their CD as well ^^ As far as the pit went, it really wasn't that bad. There wasn't any real moshing, which kind of relieved me, although there was a fair amount of shoving and pushing. Not really against specific people, it seemed more as a group thing. First we'd get shoved one way, then the next as a response, and sometimes as a general rush towards the stage. Somehow I ended up fairly in front and a little to the right of the stage at the end (I was about 3 or 4 people back from the front). At one point I glanced over at Jenny, who was beside me for a good portion of the concert, and realized that she was holding one of my hair ribbons (I had had the top part of my hair pulled up and tied into two pigtails and wrapped with ribbons). I then reached up and realized that the right pigtail had fallen out. I asked Jenny if she had both of the ribbons, but she told me that she only had the red one. I was a little sad about it, but since Annie had already told me that she had yet to be in a mosh pit and not lose an article clothing all night, I wasn't too surprised so just shrugged it off. I did see a couple of grls who had to be pulled out of the pit because they couldn't breath. I was also glad to see that there was water going around (the bouncers in front randomly opened a bottle of water and passed it out to the crowd for anyone who needs it to drink). Brian was a little disconcerted when I told him about it later, although I told him that when you're crushed between that many people and you're that hot and thirsty, it really doesn't matter who drank from it before you. On the plus side, right after the concert was over, the lights came on, and the people started to disperse, I turned around to announce that the concert was great and that I had only lost one ribbon, when mid sentance I suddenly spotted it on the floor ^^ I snatched it up as soon as I saw it, rather estatic that I found it, and shoved it down Jenny's shirt where I had known she had stashed the other ones (I had pulled out the left ones and given them to Jenny when they felt like they might be pulled out as well). Jenny hadn't been paying attention to me when I grabed it, so it caught her really off guard when I grabed her ^^; Afterwards, we went to go look at the shirts being sold. I was tempted to borrow money from Marty to get a tank top, but ultimatly decided against it. The tees were nice, but I don't really wear tees unless I feel lazy x__x So I tend to not buy any. The tank that I really wanted (that everyone was calling a corset, but really wasn't) was way out of my price range, and although the other one looked ok, I wasn't sure if I'd really wear it like I would the other one, so I didn't get anything. On our way out, though, one of the guitarists for Revelation Theory was signing CDs by the door, so Jenny and I got our CDs singed ^^

*sigh* Yes, there were some things that I left out there, particularly the lady in pink >_> But meow. I don't really feel like griping about her right now. Simply put, the bitch had a huge ass that she had no qualms about shoving into anyone and everyones face, and by the end of the concert Annie seriously wanted to hurt her. If you really wanna hear more about it, ask Jenny x___x

Umm... One other big change in my life is that I got a new cat ^^ Yes, another one, and yes, that really makes it three now ^^; She's a very adorable little thing. We named her Matsuri~ Meg and Terra didn't take to her right away, of course, but Terra likes her now. Matsuri has recognized Terra as the alpha male or something like that, and it's simply adorable to see them together ^^ Matsuri is especially fascinated by Terra's tail~ She's always trying to attack it ^^ At first, Meg would constantly hiss at her, and couldn't stand being anywhere near her. And the first couple days she was acting like the biggest baby ever, wanting more attention and snugglies than usual. That's ended though, so I'm hoping that she's accepted the new cat. They don't hang out and play like Terra and Matsuri do, but Meg doesn't hiss at her, and will sit near her if need be. I really hope that any animosity they still have between each other dissipitates.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'm tired, so I think I'm gonna go to bed or something.
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[24 Sep 2006|03:10am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I promised I'd update this more.....

Umm... I don't recall if I told anyone this, but I've been on a diet lately. I can't say that it's going all that well... The scall keeps saying that I keep gaining weight, but my pants seem looser and people keep saying that I look thinner. Part of me just thinks that they're not used to seeing me in pants >_> Speaking of which, I've been wearing pants lately... It makes me wish I had more strappy pants. I've really just been wearing my work pants, partly because it's cold outside, and partly cause I've been feeling so out of it I don't want to change in and out of normal street clothes when I get to work (sooooo much easier to just put on a chef coat rather than do that AND change my pants and shoes >_>)

TMICollapse )

On a different note, I called in Friday so I could go to a big family dinner at Brian's grandma Schneider's ^^; His uncle Jim from Anchorage came by for a visit with his new wife he met in China. She's really cute (if not incredibly young, she's like 30 and he's probably close to 55). From what I gather, she's Philipino, although she's been all around Asia. I really kinda liked her ^^ It's too bad that they live so far away....

And umm... I think that's about it for now.... I'm gonna go to bed now x___x

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[15 Sep 2006|03:25am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just a random tidbit of news for anyone who read the highliights of Otakon from my last entry ^^; I actually found that girl who flaked on us on accident. Turns out she has an account on Gaia. I happened to be rooting around the art forum the day she decided to make a post (it must have been one of the very few posts she makes there, cause I haven't seen her again) and I recognised her art in her sig ^^; I PM'd her and asked if I might still be able to get the commish she promised and she said she'd mail it out ^^ I also gave her name to the guy she took the art from, so I'm hoping he had no problem getting it back from her ^^

Maybe I should PM him again and see how it went.....

Oh yeah, I also got a second job ^^ Back at Angelo's. I know it could be considered a step in the wrong direction.... but I really liked that job... And quite frankly, I'm not getting paid enough at the country club... I think I might do the two job thing till after the holidays, then see if I can get full time hours at Angelo's. If I can, I'll prolly quit the country club. My hours will be cut after the holidays anyways.... Off season and all >_>

On a random note.... Mom was sitting here the other day while I was typing some stuff up for her.... She says I have a very peculiar way of typing ^^; I don't know exactly how I do it... but I know it's not the way they teach you in school ^^;

Whatever... time for bed~

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[12 Sep 2006|01:38am]
[ mood | amused ]

Whee~ Yeah.... so I'm trying to start updating this thing more often.... Why? Just cause.

Umm.... This past two weekends were spent doing fun things ^^ On Labor Day weekend, Apollo surprised us by showing up ^^ He paid off one of his friends at the fort to take his shift of doing whatever it is that military people do at bases and he snuck up here to pay us a visit ^^ On the 2nd, Apollo, Jenny, the mommy kitty, and I went to the Renaisance Festival. I rained a lot, and I have the slight feeling that Mom and Jenny didn't care for it too much ^^ Apollo and Tim ran off on their own, and I ended up getting so wet I stopped caring about all the rain (in fact, by the end of the trip I decided it was pretty cool). Mom got a really cute top and I waded though some huge puddles ^^

The 3rd was dedicated to the State Fair, this time with Jenny, Brian, Kiwi, and me. That was a lot of fun too ^^ I looked at lots of crap, Jenny bought some really cool nail polish thingas (which I'm gonna convince her to get free refills of to give to me ^^; ) and I got some random jusnk from the bazaar area (including a wooden rose that Brian bought for me and presented to me by holding it between his lips and giving it to me). We also watched a very cool hypnotism show ^^ I was thoroughly impressed. I've never seen one before ^^

This past Sunday was also spent at the Renaisance Festival ^^ This time it was Brian, Jenny, Luna, me, Mom and Peter ^^ Twas also lots of fun ^^ The first thing I did was get a whole new outfit ^^; I hadn't originally planned on getting the whole outfit, but mom offered to get it all, and I could hardly refust ^^; I must have spent an awful long time in there though, cause everyone but mom was gone by the time I got out ^^; Mom and I started walking around a little then, and we kind of ran into Brian right after it started raining really hard. We had all brought umbrellas, but like idiots we left them in the car thinking that it'd be dry for the rest of the day (and in fact, that was the hardest it rained all day, and it only lasted the 15 minutes we were all without umbrellas). Brian said that he was headed to the front so he could go get the umbrellas, and that Luna and Jenny were gonna meet him there, but mom was looking for Peter (who told us he was in the food area enjoying a turkey leg and some beer. Of course, there are about FIVE food areas, so it was kind of a search) and I thought she might want company so I stuck with her. We eventually found him, go figure it was the last food area we looked at, and since we had all finished eating by the time we found each other (Mom and I shared a turkey leg from the first food area we saw) we started wandering around again. Mom got a necklace at one of the jewelry stores, and not too long after that we kind of ran into Brian again. Brian said he was hungry, so he called Luna and Jenny, and we all met up for food, more or less anyways. Mom and I decided to try some wines. I got a blackberry wine, which was excellent, and Mom got some mead, which she hated. It wasn't too bad, so we ended up switching (although the blackberry was much better). We walked together looking at shops some more, then Luna and Jenny wandered off to watch a show of some sort. Brian bought a mug after looking diligantly for the perfect one ^^ I bought a pink parasol, and around 6:30 or so, Mom and Peter decided to leave. Brian and I worked our way back to a leather shop he had gone to earlier and he got a money clip for Fox, and I bought a pouch that attatches to my belt ^^ Which I like a lot~ We didn't leave till they were closing up ^^; I'm only sorry that I didn't spend more time with Luna ^^; Although I did have a very good time ^^

Notes about my costume
The bodice bled ;____; Which really kinda upset me....
Really need safty pins to hold up outer skirt.... it kept falling down after I tucked it into my bodice, and then I would trip on it....

And um.... that's about it I guess....

Oh yeah.... I never finished that damned Otakon entry, so I'll just sum up the highlights hereCollapse )

Right now I'm reading a really silly thread on Gaia about 9/11.... Well, I thought it was silly. Yes, it was a tragedy, but after 5 years, I don't particularly care anymore.... Nor do I care about Katrina hitting New Orleans any more >_> I'm still hearing crap about that..... My view? Life goes on, get over it.

Does that make me a bitch?

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Otakon ^^; [10 Aug 2006|01:02am]
Ah yes... I never update this damned thing, but I will just for post-Otakon infos ^^

I shall cut it too, in case you dun really wanna read it ^^;Collapse )

I'm gonna call it a night and update the rest of this sometime tomorrow.
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[11 Apr 2006|11:54pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I suppose no one really knows this, but I have very brittle teeth x___x I lost a tooth today... aparently. I just noticed that it was gone.... after eating dinner.... I guess I must've swallowed it x___x

In other news, I really wanna get a table in the artists alley at Otakon... I'm having some minor difficulies x__x Does anyone wanna share the table with me if I manage to get it? Jenny might, but I'm not too sure about her....

There's a job opening at Khory's for a bakers assistant. I kinda wanna get it, but it sounds like it'll be a morning shift and I'm not too sure if I can actually get up that early every morning. I dunno if I'll aplly or not. I'm kinda thinking yes right now, but we'll see. I think I'll stop by there tomorrow before work and ask what exact hours it is.

I think I'm gonna got ake a shower then go to bed.

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[27 Mar 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

This weekend was Anime Detour ^^ I had lots and lots of fun too ^^

I shall cut this in case you really don't wanna read all about it ^^;Collapse )

So all in all, it was a really fun weekend. I got a couple of really lovely commisions, bought a couple of really cute accesories, and made some really cool new friends ^^ I look really forward to Otakon this year, and hope to be part of the table in the artists alley this year as well ^^ I've already been starting up some cosplay jewelry that I wish to sell.

And now it's time to fold clothes.... *wanders off*

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